Fried Shallot

a simple yet classic Taiwanese flavor.

Our Story Began in 1980
Our Story Began in 1980

From the founding of Cheng Chi Fried Shallot, we let the delicious journey begin and lasting over forty years.Adhering to inherited craftsmanship and using traditional stoves as our foundation. Despite the elaborate process, we still insist on manual stir-frying and slow simmering over low heat. This is the key to make every bite more delicious.

Why have we persisted for over 40 years?

Good ingredients are the cornerstone of delicious food,
and the soul of our cooking.

Having faced the challenges such as low-cost shallots and inferior oil products, Cheng Chi adheres to the commitment to high quality. Carefully selecting the freshest locally grown shallots (red onion) and traceable-certified safe oil products to ensure every dish reflects Cheng Chi’s craftsmanship. We provide people with natural and healthy reassurance.

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There are countless delicious foods in the world

But Cheng Chi Fried Shallot is the right one for you

Every bite is a delightful chapter, and each dish is a delivery of love. Bringing this purity and richness to every family's dining table, enhancing the flavor of food, and evoking the memory of the taste of home.

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A journey of taste begins with Cheng Chi Fried Shallot.

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Must-read applications of shallots and delicious informations.

How is "Pork Lard" Extracted?
Pork lard is rendered from pork back fat, initially appearing as a slightly yellow, semi-translucent edible oil. At low temperatures, it solidifies into white solid fat. It contains various fatty acids and provides a high level of calories needed by the human body. Cheng Chi Fried Shallot selectively uses natural pork lard directly refined from Taiwanese pork fat, which is a natural animal fat known for its excellent aroma. The oil is stable, suitable for frying, and does not easily spoil.
Kitchen Tips – "Shallots" add an indispensable aroma to your dishes.
Shallots, also known as cluster onions, are characterized by their long, teardrop shape and a purple-red outer skin. Once the outer layer is peeled, the inside reveals a white and light purple gradient. They are a useful seasoning in Chinese cuisine, primarily used to enhance the aroma of food.
Why do all the mothers and grandmothers insist on using Cheng Chi Fried Shallot when wrapping rice dumplings? (making zongzi)
Some mothers were skeptical before, but there’s a story that the daughter once bought a pack of Cheng Chi Fried Shallot for her mother. The mother then made Zongzi (rice dumplings) with it. It turned out to be the most delicious Zongzi she has ever had in her life. The family enjoy it and we can see the eyes sparkling with joy.
Cheng Chi Selection – Golden Natural Shallot Oil x Pan-Seared Scallops
For two consecutive years, this product has won the "Exceptional Products of ITQI - International Taste Institute★★★ and SGS inspection." Using this flavored oil to reduce the gamey taste of ingredients and integrating with fragrance of shallots. It enhances richer flavor in your dishes.

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